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Ethical Leadership

We are the pioneers in ethical leadership and management development. Our programmes are ‘business school’ standard without the price tag.

Our Principles

Here at Wise Buy we have a set of 10 principles which we believe in passionately. They underpin everything we do, how we live our lives and they constantly maintain the personal and professional boundaries of our business.

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  • Empathy - understanding and relatedness through being able to see the world through the others eyes.
  • Genuineness - bringing our humanity and our expertise to business in an authentic way.
  • Acceptance - extending positive regard without conditions, valuing and acknowledging all others as worthy of our respect.
  • Passion - we are passionate about our business, our people, and our environment, and celebrate our achievements.
  • Growth - realising the potential of our people, expanding frontiers and continuously improving.
  • Simplicity - we strive for straightforwardness and simplicity in everything we do.
  • Enjoyment - working relationships are warm and positive and we find opportunities for balance, fun and leisure in our working week.
  • Autonomy - we respect the individuality and capability of all people we work with. We encourage independence in others.
  • Confidentiality - we respect the confidences that others have place in our care.
  • Boundaries - we are constantly aware of the privilege of our position and keep personal and professional boundaries clear at all times. We contract explicitly and limit our activity to the scope of the contract and our abilities.
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