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We are the pioneers in ethical leadership and management development. Our programmes are ‘business school’ standard without the price tag.

Short Films

‘Being passionate means I go the extra mile’

November 7, 2017PaulNews, Videos

‘Being passionate means I go the extra mile’ from Wise Buy on Vimeo.

We often talk about passion in a personal sense, but this month we’re looking at the role passion plays in business. Can passion help us to be more effective in our professional roles?

In our latest short film ‘People Specialist’ Jane Hirst talks on camera about how being passionate about her work means she can do it so much better, and why it’s important to express passions appropriately, or risk being overpowering.

‘It’s only through being independent that people can grow’

September 5, 2017PaulNews, Videos

‘It’s only through being independant that people can grow’ from Wise Buy on Vimeo.

What role does autonomy play in business? In our latest short film coach & leadership consultant Lee Chalmers talks on camera about the importance of giving staff space to develop, and why creative thinking + great leadership is the key to a successful organisation.

‘Autonomy’ is one of ten principles that underpin everything we do at the Wise Buy, how we live our lives and constantly maintain the personal and professional boundaries of our business.

‘If you don’t enjoy what you do, what’s the point?’

December 5, 2011PaulNews, Videos

‘If you don’t enjoy what you do, what’s the point?’ from Wise Buy on Vimeo.

Some people are very sure it is wise to clearly separate work life and personal life. However, by bringing an element of our personal lives into our work can we actually enjoy being at work more - and even do a better job?

In our latest short film Jill Clark, Training & Development Manager for the National Trust, talks on camera about why life is just too short not to enjoy our working life, and how for some people having fun at work is an essential part of the job.

New Charismatic Leadership course: ‘An absolute triumph’

October 24, 2011PaulNews, Videos

On Monday 10th October 2011, Wise Buy delivered its first ever ‘Developing Inspirational & Charismatic Leadership’ course to a VIP senior delegate audience at Weetwood Hall in Leeds.

This 3-day course was an absolute triumph, and you’ll see why when you watch these short video testimonials…

If you’d like to develop an inspirational & charismatic leadership style that is worthy of being followed, talk to us….

New short films released - Think Amelie meets Fast Show!

October 10, 2011PaulNews, Videos

In support of our brand new short course portfolio, we’ve also started to create a series of 23 short films, one for each course.

Our leadership & management training courses are transformational learning experiences that are unlike any other course you’ve been on. Unlike traditional training courses, our acclaimed development approach permanently change behaviours and beliefs - out of which flows the unforced ability to improve

We are always keen to make our films different to the usual training/ corporate films, and with this in mind we went with a look that was summed up by our (highly creative!) MD Paul Peters as being ‘Amelie meets The Fast Show’.

I’m pretty sure our film company have never worked with a brief like that before! However, we think the end results are great. Here are a couple of examples…

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‘We all need to forget about ourselves sometimes’

October 3, 2011PaulNews, Videos

‘We all need to forget about ourselves sometimes’ from Wise Buy on Vimeo.

There are a number of studies that have shown a link between empathy and business results, including increased sales and enhanced performance in diverse workforce.

What role do you think empathy has in business? Can it actually contribute to business success?

In our latest short film Sue Plank, Training & Development Advisor for the National Trust, talks on camera about the importance of listening first, and why in a business context we can get so much more from our people by ‘walking a mile in their moccasins’.

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