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We are the pioneers in ethical leadership and management development. Our programmes are ‘business school’ standard without the price tag.

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Developing Inspirational & Charismatic Leadership


  • Have you ever wondered why some rare individuals command the attentive respect of others without fear?
  • Would you like to develop this scarce talent to inspire and motivate your team and organisation?
  • Flagship Programme: Developing Inspirational & Charismatic Leadership
    Our flagship program presents an opportunity to learn the alchemy to alter your personality by lifting your head from the ordinary and moving to a charismatic leadership style that is worthy of being followed.

    Here is the voodoo broken down into human relation technologies; the mystical know-how that is sought after to really inspire and motivate others. Hear from one of the countries most inspiring leaders - Terry Hodgkinson CBE - on the alchemy of how to make lasting change in your organisation.

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    It is our contention that leaders either strive to grow in character as a fundamental part of their existence or they are not leaders. Life for them is a quest for personal excellence. Inspirational and charismatic leadership is for people who desire to have a grand purpose in life. What purpose is grander than the quest for personal excellence?

    Inspirational and charismatic leadership is an agenda for personal excellence emerging from this executive programme. We take you a journey of self-discovery and personal commitment to change using proven methodologies for achievement of personal excellence that meet the needs of busy, professional people.

    An Agenda For Personal Excellence - The Model

    The qualities and traits we have identified as those that define an Inspirational and Charismatic character are shown in following diagram:

    Upon completion of this programme you will be able to


  • Appreciate how their image impacts others in their environment.
  • Apply charismatic behaviours and leadership styles that influence people and results.
  • Develop advanced leadership skills to create presence, engender feelings of greatness in others and be consistently authentic.
  • Fully explore the values that are the source of charismatic and inspirational leadership.
  • Make choices about beliefs that would produce the leader they want to become.
  • Understand how profound self-awareness around your identity can deliver the personality you choose to be.
  • Make the permanent transition into your real world leadership context
  • Who is it for?


  • Existing and aspiring leaders
  • Individuals new into demanding senior leadership roles
  • Senior HR and learning & development professionals
  • Course Locations


  • Leeds
  • London
  • Warwick
  • Cost

  • £3,250 exc vat
  • Duration: 3 days
  • You can book now

    To check availability and to book please call us on 08000 112 444 or use the email form.

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