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Ethical Leadership

We are the pioneers in ethical leadership and management development. Our programmes are ‘business school’ standard without the price tag.

In-House Training

Any planned development needs to start with understanding the needs of your business and your people. By understanding your objectives and the challenges you face, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke development solution, using our revolutionary and unique Personal Maturity ModelTM.

In-house programmes can be designed from scratch to accommodate your company’s requirements, whatever they may be. We have a range of training modules that can be tailored around any of your core development competencies.

We have worked with a wide range of organisations from different sectors.

Our Approach

Practical and Results Focused

We understand that there is a need for a theoretically sound and pragmatic delivery style. In order for our facilitators to have credibility, all the intellectual and theoretical concepts will be complemented with realistic application methods.

We use accelerated learning techniques to maximise retention of learning. These techniques include: exercises, activity variation, action planning, implementation plans and multi-sensory learning. All theories will be supported by experiential evidence. We engage with our delegates using planned and holistic techniques that work with the whole person; on mental, physical, social and emotional levels in order to achieve business criteria.

Accepting and Realistic

The delivery style we adopt is pragmatic and down to earth and delegates will be approached from a non-judgmental position. Jargon and buzzwords will be avoided and theoretical concepts will always be presented in an understandable format.

The material will be designed to include as many customer specific examples as possible, as well as providing case study material from other similar organisations from which the delegates could usefully learn.

The content of our programmes, whilst based on the learning and competence objectives of the organisation, will be largely delegate led. This means that the programme will be flexed and adapted as it progresses, to meet the needs of the group. We offer unique insights into the working of the human mind and spirit, exploring self limiting beliefs and tendencies. By working from the inside out we assist the process of self awareness.

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