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Ethical Leadership

We are the pioneers in ethical leadership and management development. Our programmes are ‘business school’ standard without the price tag.

Example In-House Modules

In-house programmes can be designed from scratch to accommodate your company’s requirements, whatever they may be. We have a range of training modules that can be tailored around any of your core development competencies.

Project management

If you are managing projects or use project management as a management style then this programme will give you all the essential skills.

Time management

This highly popular programme never stops being an essential skill builder for many business professional who want to be more organised, personally effective and less pressured

Problem solving and decision making

This exciting programme offers you the opportunity to develop your thinking style in a dramatically effective way.

Organistion and effectiveness

This programme provides a delightful mix of problem solving and time management for increased personal effectiveness.

Managing and motivating teams

A highly energetic and inspiring programme which is a delightful mix of teambuilding and motivation. Using leading edge approaches to teamwork and some of the tried and tested tools and techniques this is a hugely enjoyable programme.

Managing conflict

Conflict is an occasional reality in most workplace situations. Being able to manage conflict positively for the benefit of all is an advanced interpersonal skill most managers and leaders could benefit from.

Manager as coach and guide

More advanced coaching skills for the manager who uses coaching as a way of delivering result on an everyday basis. This stimulating two-day programme builds on the foundational skills set on ‘Coaching for improved performance’.

Influencing with skill

One of our most popular programmes, Influencing with skill enables you to take control and use your personal power much more effectively, without bullying or selling.


We all know we should delegate more - but sometime it just easier to do it yourself! This fun programme helps you to understand what to delegate, how to delegate and who to delegate to in an easy and practical way.

Dealing with difficult people

This thought provoking programme enables you to understand that there are no difficult people, just people with difficulties.

Coaching for Improved performance

A lively and stimulating two-day introduction to coaching practice in a workplace context. The essential building blocks of the non-advisory coaching relationship are build during this process in a practical and active manner.

Change Management

A thought provoking and highly stimulating two-day programme that will equip you with the ability to diagnose the need for change, identify future needs and develop change plans to deliver results.

Business planning

Using leading edge and establish planning methods this accessible two-day programme enables business leaders and managers equip themselves with essential planning and organisation tolls and techniques.

Building effective working relationships

A highly practical and revealing two day exploration of how you relate with others in the workplace. Exploring your own personal styles and motivation we uncover ways to build highly effective working relationships.

Achieving results through people

This is our most popular management development programme to date. A dynamic and interactive two days of essential management skills.

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