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Ethical Leadership

We are the pioneers in ethical leadership and management development. Our programmes are ‘business school’ standard without the price tag.

Leadership & Management Courses

Courses Overview

Our leadership & management training courses are transformational learning experiences that are unlike any other course you’ve been on.

It has been proven that traditional ‘training’ is fairly ineffective: Simply telling you what to change does not create a sustainable transformation in professional business behaviour. Unlike traditional training courses, our acclaimed development approach permanently change behaviours and beliefs - out of which flows the unforced ability to improve.

Our short courses are carefully crafted to transform existing and aspiring managers into charismatic and inspirational leaders who can drive successful businesses and who are worthy of being followed.

The table below presents all 23 of our standalone leadership and management courses. All courses run across 3 UK locations; Leeds, London & Warwick.

Business Skills & Personal Effectiveness
Assertiveness Skills - Affirm Yourself Confidently2£2140
Confidence Building Techniques - Find Your Inner Strength3£2550
Facilitation Techniques - Be A Creative Catalyst2£2140
Influencing skills - Learn The Power Of Persuasion2£2140
Presentation Techniques - Learn The Art Of Audience Engagement2£2140
Project Management Skills - Deliver Quality Results2£2140
Time Management Skills - Take Control & Accomplish More2£2140
HR Skills for Managers & Consultants
Conflict Management Skills - Master The Art Of Mediation2£2140
Consulting Skills - Become A Trusted Advisor3£2550
Diversity In The Workplace - Create An Inclusive Culture2£2140
Recruitment & Interview Skills - Find The Perfect Fit2£2140
Management Skills
Change Management Skills - Pave The Way For Growth3£2550
Coaching & Mentoring Skills For Managers - Bring Out The Best In Your People3£2550
Delegation Skills - Pass The Baton Confidently2£2140
Management Skills - Achieve Results Through People3£2550
Managing Challenging Behaviour - Get Positive Results From Difficult Situations2£2140
Managing Performance - Develop Your Appraisal Skills & Feedback Techniques2£2140
Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills - Create New Opportunities2£2140
Leadership Skills
Developing Inspirational & Charismatic LeadershipFlagship Programme: Developing Inspirational & Charismatic Leadership3£2250
Effective Communication Skills - Make A Real Impact2£2140
High Performing Teams - Accelerate Employee Productivity3£2550
Personal Impact - Develop Your Personal Brand2£2140
Stress Management Techniques - Handle Pressure Effectively 2£2140

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