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Ethical Leadership

We are the pioneers in ethical leadership and management development. Our programmes are ‘business school’ standard without the price tag.

Team Building

As one of the original pioneers in Socially Responsible Team Building, we are passionate about its benefits for organisations and good causes. Everybody wins.

We have taken the best of the outdoor teambuilding experience and the best of the indoor, exercise-based approach and amalgamated them into a single method.

It’s based on the use of community projects, so that your investment in building a team can also pay off in terms of corporate social responsibility and PR. We have assisted a number of organisations to make a real difference and include several case studies within this section.

The projects can be tailored to fit as can the skills and abilities required to deliver the project. As opposed to standard outdoor team building activities which frequently favour younger and fitter employees, these tasks provide a whole range of opportunities to utilise exsiting skills and develop new ones.

Who Benefits?

Everybody wins through Socially Responsible Team Building.

One recent beneficiary from our socially responsible teambuilding projects is the Clow Beck Centre, near Croft in County Durham. It’s a thirty-three acre rural retreat that is dedicated to teaching people about the natural cycle of food. The aim is to provide both children and adults with a forum to learn, experience and partake in a range of courses, events and demonstrations illustrating a more simple and sustaining way of life.

To enquire about our Socially Responsible Teambuilding experiences, call us on 08000 112 444 or email info@wisebuy.co.uk">info@wisebuy.co.uk.

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