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Why Training Doesn’t Work

October 12, 2017PaulArticles, News

On 13th September 2011 Wise Buy Managing Director Paul Peters delivered a thought-provoking presentation - ‘Why Training Doesn’t Work’ - at the UK Housekeepers Association meeting in London.

Simply ‘telling’ you what to change delivers superficial outcomes and does not create a sustainable transformation in professional business behaviour. Unlike traditional training courses, our Personal Maturity Model permanently changes behaviours and beliefs - out of which flows the unforced ability to improve.

Wise Buy offers a genuine, ethical and holistic approach to leadership, management, and personal development and empowers each individual.

So why does the Wise Buy approach to learning and development work?

  • Accelerated learning techniques are applied in order to maximise retention of learning and to enliven and energise the learning process. These techniques include; exercises, activity variation, action planning, implementation plans and multi-sensory learning.
  • All theories are supported by experiential skills practice and all the intellectual and theoretical concepts are complemented with realistic application methods.
  • The delivery style is lively, inspiring and down to earth and delegates are always approached from a non-judgmental position.
  • Jargon and buzzwords are avoided and theoretical concepts are always presented in an understandable format.
  • Self-limiting beliefs and tendencies are explored, providing unique insights into the working of the human mind and spirit.
  • By working from the inside out the process of self-awareness and self-confidence is supported.

What Wise Buy delivers is a premium ‘business school’ experience that is affordable, down-to-earth, highly effective, and sustainable.

More about Hazel…

Hazel is an accomplished Personal Development Consultant and Trainer with twenty years’ experience facilitating at senior levels within national and international organisations.

She specialises in interpersonal relations and communications and is a member of the CIPD and CIPS and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Organisational Psychology. She is has worked in public, private and non-for-profit organisations where every day major change is a way of being. She draws on her extensive industry and consulting experience to convey information in a down to earth and practical way.

Hazel is adept at dealing with very senior managers and understanding the political workings of organisations. She has a natural ability for putting people from all levels at their ease and communicating in a style appropriate for their needs.

You can watch Hazel talking about one of our principles, ‘Acceptance’, here.

Connect with Hazel on Linkedin here.

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